Are you an avid golfer annoyed because your game is unpredictable and inconsistent causing you to play below your expectations?

We design a personalized program to help you transform your golf game so you can move better, play better and enjoy the game of golf again.

Too many avid golfers are annoyed because their game is unpredictable and inconsistent causing them to play below their expectations.

We know you want to play better and more enjoyable golf.  Cohle Golf Academy provides a personalized assessment, treatment and rehab/exercises to get you playing consistent, pain-free golf.

Schedule a free 20 minute DV and get back to enjoying the game again.

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Imagine How Great It Would Feel Knowing Each Round You Could:

Swing Better
Move Better
Play With Confidence
Dr. Chad Cohle is a licenced chiropractor with a passion for helping golfers perform at their best.
Dr. Cohle improves your game with the following:
  • Work with your body and swing
  • Provide a personalized assessment of your swing
  • Expert treatment and rehab/exercises to keep you feeling good
  • Improve your golf game by improving your movement (flexibility, strength, range of motion)
  • Ensure your shoulders and hips are turning properly
  • Improve efficiency
  • Programs that help achieve goals (strength training, pain relieve, golf skills)
  • Enhance your individual skills
Dr. Cohle is fully certified with the Titleist Performance Institute
His training has been dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.

TPI has analysed how physical limitations in a player's body can affect the golf swing and potentially lead to injury. They have also discovered how a properly functioning body allows a player to swing the golf club in the most effective way possible.

Resources To Improve Your Game Right Away
Take our 5 week challenge and watch your performance and health improve immediately.
Level Up Your Golf Game With Cohle Golf Academy
Are You Frustrated About Missing Out On Quality Time With Your Buddies On The Golf Course, Being Unable To Lower Your Handicap To Where You Want It And Being In Pain For Days After The 18th Hole?

The following resources improve your health and performance going forward.

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Week 2 Progress Report With Elite Golfer Steve B.

Today we dove deeper into some more assessments with Steve after we were able analyze last week’s session. Steve noticed his back felt much better…

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Week 3 Progress Report with Elite Golfer Steve B.

Each session in our elite Cohle Golf Academy starts with a recap of the last session and an update on everything that’s happening. Steve mentions he was able to go and hit 40-50 balls over the weekend.

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Week 4: Shoulder Pain with Your Golf Swing

Welcome back!
In Steve’s Week 4 session, we were able to fix one of the most common causes of shoulder pain in a golf swing (and everyday life pain) within just a few minutes.

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Week 5 Session:
This week’s focus is back pain! Who’s got back pain when they play golf?? I’d venture just about everyone. Most people get back pain either in the little “dimples” in the low back or on the sides of the back…Think about if you make a “C” with your hand and put your hand just above your hip bone on the side of you. Your thumb should end up in your low back to the side of the spinal muscles. Have you had back pain HERE? I can almost guarantee you have at some point!
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