Today we dove deeper into some more assessments with Steve after we were able analyze last week’s session.
Steve noticed his back felt much better…

“I really feel like I could go out and play a round and really get after it” – Steve

We decided to work on a few very specific things with Steve based on his goals for his game and things that created pain. Shoulder pain while playing golf is common, along with back pain while playing golf. We worked out Steve’s shoulders to loosen them.

After that, I noticed Steve had some trouble while standing only on one foot. Balance is really important with golf and we worked on helping Steve to be able to balance much better now on one foot and on the other. Watch some of the best golfers, they have impeccable balance the entire way through their swing.

Next, we shifted our focus to some golf strength training. We’re seeing how much golf is a physical fitness sport now, but it’s very important to make sure you’re doing the right exercises for YOU.

We worked on two different golf-specific exercises today with Steve in the gym.  You can see these below and on our YouTube Channel. They are called the dissociation plank and a half-kneeling medicine ball bounce.

These are both great exercises and anyone can do them. However, we know that these exercises are very specific to what Steve’s body needs to get him better at golf.

Dissociation Plank 

Half-Kneeling Med Ball Bounce

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