Week 3 Progress Report with Elite Golfer Steve B.
Each session in our elite Cohle Golf Academy starts with a recap of the last session and an update on everything that’s happening. Steve mentions he was able to go and hit 40-50 balls over the weekend.
“I actually felt pretty good! I was really sore afterwards but I think that’s just because I haven’t swung a club in a long time. But I felt like after a day or so, I still could have gone out and played a round, where before that probably wouldn’t be the case” -- Steve 

This is great news for Steve! One of his main goals in the start was to be able play more pain-free rounds of golf and this is a good start already. The soreness he felt is pretty common! Soreness after golf is common and as long as it’s a good soreness, we’re okay with it. Imagine you haven’t worked out in the gym for 6 months and then one day you workout for an hour…the next day you’ll be sore! 

This week’s session with elite golfer Steve was focused on diving more into how Steve moves.  As you can see here, he had some problems with basic movements while standing, so we addressed these first in the office using chiropractic techniques. Golfers need to be able to have great flexibility, but also great control of their movements too! 

After working on these movements in the office, we moved up to the turf in the gym to start our golf strengthening exercises. We reviewed the dissociation planks from last time, which you can watch here, and the half-kneeling med ball bounce, which you can watch here.

Steve had a great session and afterwards, wanted to share some of this thoughts about the Week 3 Session.

If you’re interested joining Steve and others on this Cohle Golf Academy ELITE program, email us at [email protected] to see if you’re eligible.