Week 4: Shoulder Pain with Your Golf Swing
Welcome back!
In Steve’s Week 4 session, we were able to fix one of the most common causes of shoulder pain in a golf swing (and everyday life pain) within just a few minutes.
One of Steve’s main issues in the beginning of his TPI assessment was an inability to rotate his right arm backwards. This problem manifests itself in Steve’s backswing. It doesn’t allow him to get the club back as far, which can result in losing distance on the ball and making it more difficult to make good, solid contact.
You can see how he struggles to rotate his arm back while standing and also when he’s bent over in his golf posture. You can try this for yourself at home and if you have pain or cheat the movement like Steve does HERE there’s a great chance this is negatively affecting your swing.
Using some of our assessments, we were able to figure out this was not a strength problem, but actually a mobility problem in the muscles that perform this rotational movement. As you can see HERE we did some manual work on his shoulder muscles to loosen things up.
Now, you can see HERE how the movement in his shoulder is much more fluid, he doesn’t resort to compensating and he moves much better.
“It feels way different now. It used to always hurt when I tried to stretch that area before I played golf. It always took a few holes to get my shoulders loosened up before I really felt good. I can tell my swing is going to feel much easier now that I can do this without pain” – Steve
Today’s session was a great example of why it’s so important to get an assessment if you’re doing the same things over and again without any results. Steve had been stretching his shoulders, but with no improvement. It took us all but 5 minutes to identify why his stretches weren’t working for his specific problem and to make a big improvement.
Today didn’t require as much strengthening, just a review of the previous exercises. We did work on one of my favorite warm-up exercises I gave Steve to practice until we catch up again. This exercise is called Sweep The Dust.

Stay tuned for Steve’s next session, where we’ll be ON THE RANGE with Steve’s golf teaching pro, getting lessons and incorporating everything we’ve worked on to this point.
If you’ve been doing the same stretches and exercises but you’re not really sure if they’re helping, it’s likely just be that those stretches aren’t appropriate for YOUR body and your swing.
If you’re interested joining Steve and others in the Cohle Golf Academy ELITE program and having a golf-specific program that’s tailored to you (just like the pros), email us at [email protected] to see if you’re eligible.