Week 5 Session:
This week’s focus is back pain! Who’s got back pain when they play golf?? I’d venture just about everyone. Most people get back pain either in the little “dimples” in the low back or on the sides of the back…Think about if you make a “C” with your hand and put your hand just above your hip bone on the side of you. Your thumb should end up in your low back to the side of the spinal muscles. Have you had back pain HERE? I can almost guarantee you have at some point!
Today we’re learning how to fix that on Steve. 

Steve crushed it in his lesson last week and felt good enough afterwards to go play 9 holes with his kids. Steve has made It a big point of our sessions that he really wants to be able to play more golf with his kids, who are also great golfers. In the past, pain has really limited his ability to both play rounds with his buddies and be competitive and also play rounds with his family. This was a big step for us! 

We gathered a lot of great information from Steve’s lesson with Rick last week so I knew exactly where we needed to start this week…with Steve’s hips. This is a perfect example of why it’s so important to have the golf pro and the chiropractor or medical staff have a great working relationship and have good communication. We’re able to gather what’s happening on the technical side and take that into the office to work on the physical side of things. LOVE IT. 

So our first test is a part of the actual TPI assessment, something called hip dissociation. It’s essential for you to be able to rotate your hips independent of the rest of your body. Often, people have trouble with this and it results in a lot of pain and mishits. 

In this pre-session video, you can see how much “extra” movement Steve’s got in this test HERE
My biggest concern in this movement is what happens when he rotates to the left, meaning his hip rotation in his downswing. (See video here of his limitation rotating left)  This is where we see a lot of Steve’s problems both in his golf play but also with his back pain. Not every person has this problem, but it’s something I see quite often and it was confirmed last week in Steve’s lesson on the range.

To correct this, we got a little creative. I used a band to help pull Steve’s leg outward. This created a trigger in his brain to resist harder against the band and therefore keep his left hip rotated inwards. You can watch the rehab session here
. After just a few reps, you can see how much easier it is for Steve to was able to rotate to the left MUCH better and without dipping his shoulders.

He’s got some work to do with this as part of his rehab, but I’m really pleased with how well Steve has progressed. Here’s what he had to say at the end of today’s session…
At this point through Steve’s journey you’re wondering if this is for you, check out what Steve considered before joining the program and what he would say to someone who is trying to figure out if they should join or not…

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