We're here to help you play and feel amazing.
Our clients have seen significant results as they:
  • Lower their handicap
  • Shave strokes off their game
  • Play a full round without pain
  • Feel great physically and emotionally
  • Can enjoy a drink after the round without having to go home and take pain-killers
  • Are now able to play several days in a row



Take the next steps to becoming the golfer you've always wanted to be.
  1. Work with your body and your current swing – to be as efficient and consistent as possible, instead of trying to mimic Adam Scott’s swing (we are all different!)
  2. Increase your club head speed – to hit the ball further and with more consistency using the SuperSpeed Golf Program.
  3. Get clarity – on what exercises and stretches you need that are specific to your golf Swing.
  4. Understanding how your body is supposed to move – and how the sequence of hips/torso/arms/club results in better consistency and significantly less pain
  5. Implement a practical warmup routine – to optimize what you’ve practiced.
  6. Transferring new physical skills into your golf lessons and see the drastic improvements.

We’ve got Central PA’s top golf teaching pros on board with our program and you get access to them FOUR times throughout this program for a targeted lesson based on what we work on.

In the following sessions, we will update you on one of Harrisburg’s ELITE Golfers.

Steve, works through this 16-week program to lower his handicap, play more rounds of golf with his buddies and feel better on and off the course!

If you’re interested joining Steve and others on this Cohle Golf Academy ELITE program, email us at [email protected] to see if you’re eligible.

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